Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gwyn's first Halloween

So, this was Gwyn's first Halloween since joining our pack :D She didn't really dress up in a costume, but did wear her new "Boo" pajamas!

 I've been admiring some of the prior costumes that the gang over at Tales and Tails have worn. My favorite was Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf!
 What Gwyn did love was the little trick-or-treaters coming to see her! LoML (a/k/a Love of My Life) would step outside and dole out the candy while Gwyn & I stayed inside the storm door...so as not to frighten the little ones and/or maul them in her enthusiasm (something we're still working on as it regards visitors coming in!...maybe I better read a bit more about practicing Down Stays over at Never Say Never Greyhounds!!) But, I digress....(a fantastically rare occurrence..NOT!)

Sadly, we only got a few trick-or-treaters...and in between Gwyn took up vigil:
She seemed really disappointed that there weren't more of them...perhaps next year we'll have to advertise for a few more!

Hope you all had a fabulous and spooky Halloween!

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What Remains Now said...

Gwyn! You are so cute! We had a good Halloween too. Freedom, Casper & Nikki had to stay behind the baby gate, but they enjoyed the excitement of the trick or treaters.