Saturday, October 29, 2011

Built for Speed

Can there be any doubt greyhounds are built for speed? Enjoy more photos from our photo shoot with J Frazz Photography:

Photo courtesy of J Frazz Photography
 Also a good demonstration of the fact that they're sighthounds...look at the focus and concentration throughout.
Photo courtesy of J Frazz Photography
 Gwyn got a new toy especially for the photo shoot. It's rapidly become her favorite! It's an Extreme Kong Flyer. I love that it's so flexible and soft, yet sails through the air and is Kong tough. (And no, we don't get anything for pitching them...just our humble opinion.)
Photo courtesy of J Frazz Photography

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Scrappy said...

you look very speedy indeed!

beautiful photos. found you on the hop!

What Remains Now said...

These pictures are spectacular. Gwyn's coloring almost makes them look painted.

Tegan said...

This blog hop is giving me major greyhound withdrawals. :( Will definitely need a greyhound foster in the new year.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm also blog hopping! I love those pics. I have lots of respect for photographers that know how to get such great shots of dogs in action.