Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tory! Tory!

More Tory, the kitten shots. I took about 10 for every 1 that came out that wasn't a complete blur. This little girl is busy, busy, busy. About ten nanoseconds after racing up the stairs and about 2 nanoseconds before racing back down them, I caught this shot:
Jumping in and out of the laundry basket is a good game, as is attacking people-fingers thru' the slats.
She ran so much she got very thirsty.
Note the drop of water hanging off her chin...she was done drinking and ready to play some more.


Anonymous said...

cute. I've got a predminontly white (long haired) Calico named Charlotte.

She's my first cat. They are the coolest things. I adore that feline.


Tammy said...

Cute kitties.
I have seven, one named Carolina.
Also live on coastal NC.

Kat said...

Thanks for the comments. Yup. Cats rule. (But so do dogs!) ;D Great site Tammy! Will pass it on to all my cat-loving friends.