Sunday, June 28, 2009

Daylilies & Electrician's Helper

While I can't compete with my good friend at Goblins in my Garden, (in the categories of flower photography, garden growing, or plant identification!), I thought I'd share some pix of some of my daylilies. I have no idea what kind they are...I just like them.

I love when my camera freaks out on the settings when I get too close and I end up with a picture like this:
And here's what happens when the dog "helps" the electrician a little too much while he's marking things with a Sharpie. I was right there when I heard him draw in a breath and then confess, "I marked your dog". Bwahahahaha. That was one evening earlier this week and the permanent ink has already worn off. I told the guy that the least he could do if he was going to draw on my dog was to give him a mustache!

1 comment:

onetruth said...

Heee! Phil doesn't look upset at all about the extra marking on his handsome face!

Love the pix of your beautiful flowers!