Thursday, March 12, 2009

Get on Your Boots...

...and check out _No Line on the Horizon_, U2's latest offering. I can not say enough good stuff about this new album! (Okay, okay, so I'm dating myself. So they're not really albums anymore. Now, for me, they're not even CD's since I'm into downloading the digital version straight to my computer. And while I'm talking about that let me tell you that I think it's incredible to be able to find it, download it, play it all within a matter of minutes. How cool is it that I got this new U2 on the day of release...*and* for under $4.00!!! Amazon rocks!!!!)

Now, where was I? Oh, yes. The new U2. I love it. I loved it the first time I listened to it, and it's gotten better every listen since...which has averaged once a day. I first fell in love with U2 with the release of the Mtv video for "New Year's Day" (again dating myself). The love affair has gone strong ever since. Admittedly, there have been times when I haven't been as passionate, as fanatical...maybe even going a while in between listens. But I've never stopped loving their music. This new release, to me, is a perfect blend of new and old U2. It combines modern sounds with the classic crunching beat and Bono's soulful wail that I fell in love with all those years ago.

How excited was I to check out the upcoming tour dates the day they were released? I can't tell you. You wouldn't understand. Unless you're a crazy U2 fan, and then I don't have to tell you. I've been fortunate enough to see the band twice in concert. The first time was during _The Joshua Tree_ tour, the second was during the _Achtung Baby_ tour. Both were incredible experiences. This band is absolutely stunning live. I've gotten to see a lot of big acts in my life. It's to the point now that there are very few live concerts I'll go to anymore. A lot of acts I'm content to stay home and watch the dvd or the high def' concert on the big-screen tv where I don't have to fight any crowds, etc. etc. But U2 is one act I'm all about seeing again. Plus, LoML hasn't seen them yet, so it's definitely time. You can go to the band's official site, and see all the plans for the new set. It looks to be spectacular.

Not surprisingly, I've listened to the new songs so much that they've been rattling and humming around in my subconscious pretty much nonstop. Today's SotD: "Moment of Surrender" (my favorite of the new tunes)...yesterday's: "No Line on the Horizon".

So, why are you still here? Go. Go listen. Enjoy.

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onetruth said...

I read the Rolling Stone cover article about U2 whilst at the hairdresser's today. Terrific article! It mentioned that "Magnificent" was inspired by the Magnificat, a section of the Gospel of Luke told in Mary's voice. Bach set the Magnificat to music...must find that. *Ramble ramble*

Love the new album & can't wait to see them live.