Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Misc. Exeter Shots

Hello again! Sorry for the sporadic posting...what can I say? The new year (much like the old one) is proving to be busy.

I thought I'd share just a couple more Exeter shots before we move on. Here's a modern nod to an ancient practice...the people would bring a stone in to the chapel and place it at the alter as they said prayers...symbolic of leaving your burdens at the alter. There was a basket of stones here (in olden times there would frequently be such a basket outside the church in case someone didn't have one). You could pick one and place it on the table, adding to their "cairn of hope".
I forgot how long ago this was done, but a "kitty door" was cut into this door a long time ago for the cathedral cat. There are still a couple of cats that have the free roam of Exeter cathedral. We didn't see them.

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