Saturday, March 1, 2008

My #1 Hound...and Friends

There were so many wonderful dogs at Westminster...but here's the number one dog in my book: Phil! Phil turned 8 last November. He retired from racing in Florida and we adopted him just before he turned 2. This is his "I'm a big bad hound and I can beat you to the fence" look :D I told you he's muscular! His muzzle is a lot greyer than when he first came to live with us; he worries too much. He's had some health challenges this past year, but he's still quite the athlete.
Speaking of athletes, here he is sporting his favorite shirt. We now have a ritual where he and LoML have to sing the Carolina fight song before each basketball game...maybe some day I'll post the video of that. You can see one of his buddies in the background.
This is Willow. She and her brother, Oz (out of the same litter) are also 8 years-old. They both love Phil. Willow likes to rub on him and curl up for naps with him. Oz likes to play-attack him.
Oz is demonstrating the fine art of the cat nap. No one does it better.

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