Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Sweet Faces

Everywhere I turned were beautiful dogs! I couldn't take pictures of all of them. But I had fun looking at all that I could. Of course I had to check out the greyhounds. It's interesting to me to see what the breed standard calls for in the showing world. It's not always consistent with what you may be used to a breed looking like in your part of the world. Some argue that show dogs are bred away from the standard most consistent with their intended purpose. Get a few passionate dog breeders together and you can get some lively debate on this. (For example, we have lots of Labrador Retrievers in our area. The show dogs didn't look anything like what I'm used to seeing!)

These greys were quite nice...though not nearly as big as my Phil...who at one point tipped the scales at 98 pounds...and was not fat!! (Well, okay, he was way over racing form, but according to my vet was a good healthy weight...he's *very* tall and *very* muscular! I'll post his picture sometime soon.)

Who doesn't love Golden Retrievers? I grew up with one and always smile when I meet one. I particularly love the casual sprawl here with back legs spread ;D
Ah, the Weimaraner...a/k/a The Grey Ghost. I took this photo especially for my buddy in Alabama.
This Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was just too sweet-looking!
I had a request for pictures of English Bulldogs. Unfortunately, didn't get any. But if there's a breed you want to see, I encourage you to click on the link and go to the Westminster site. You can get breed info and see pictures of any that you like.

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