Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mighty, Magnificent Maverick

There were *so* many gorgeous, wonderful dogs at this show! I mean, really, with approximately 2500 dogs there how could you not find some you like? I found many that I thought were incredible. But I fell completely for one in particular. Maverick.

My friends had told me about Maverick. They've been watching him for several years now. They told me what a terrific dog he is. But hearing about him is nothing like meeting him! Maverick is a blue Great Dane with natural ears. He is huge. He is gorgeous. He has *tons* of personality. And while I'm no expert, to me, he is everything a Dane should be.
Maverick is owned and handled by Jeffrey Ball. He was a pleasure to meet. He's obviously devoted to his dogs and was open and eager to share about them. I missed seeing Maverick in the ring because we were back in the benching area looking for him! By the time we caught up to them, Maverick was done showing and was resting in his crate. But Jeffrey graciously got him out so I could meet him properly. My pictures do not do him justice...but I wanted you to see how big Maverick is standing up! (Jeffrey is not a short man!)
To really appreciate this dog, please go to their website (Blunote Great Danes- link in my favorites). They have fabulous photos of Maverick, as well as some of his girlfriends and some of his puppies. There are loads of great pix, but in particular, I recommend you at least look at "New York Photos 2" and "Blizzard Photos 2" under the "Westminster 2006" section.

I look forward to seeing this year's photos!

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