Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Beautiful Borzoi

As a general rule I have always been more partial to big dogs than little dogs. Like with any other rule, there are exceptions, but I'm always drawn to the big guys. Having adopted two retired greyhounds so far in my life, I'm deeply devoted to all sighthounds. One of their breeds is the Borzoi. They used to be called Russian Wolfhounds. Think big greyhound with long, luxurious coat. Just look at that soulful face! How can you not fall in love?
They are friendly and outgoing and easily break into the classic grin you see above.
We had a wonderful time talking to the folks from Porcelain Borzoi...from our home state of NC! Please click on their link to see how gorgeous their dogs are and stay tuned for some more pictures of them from me!


Mike G said...

Thanks for the ongoing doggie picks. What did Oze think of the long hairs?

Kat said...

There was much sniffing of the luggage when we got home! Of course, we had all kinds of dog treats in there from the show ;D