Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Ingenuity of Squirrels

We have an area in our front yard that's evolving into a little serenity garden...We've recently put up a reed fence and planted caladiums, hostas, and elephant ears. This is also the area where two of our cats and one of our greyhounds that have gone on are buried and last year we bought little markers for them. Anyway, we've also put up one birdhouse and a couple of bird feeders. The birds are are the squirrels! Squirrels are pretty ingenious little buggers. One of the feeders is "squirrel-proof"....but that isn't stopping them from trying!
The white "stones" are the pet grave markers; the big wooden cat was a Christmas present & is carved out of one piece of wood!

Some friends made the dolphin and the seagull...

That's the "squirrel-proof" feeder with a bird in it

One of the culprits sneaking up there...

...making his way over...

...thinking how best to try this venture.
 I haven't caught it yet, but LoML's seen them actually hanging over the top of the feeder trying to figure it out. I think I'm going to have fun sitting on the swing (not pictured as I some how forgot to get a picture of it or the rest of the plants....maybe next time) and "spying" on the wildlife.

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Sue said...

What a lovely garden you have.

You only have to check out videos on YouTube of Squirrels getting into 'Squirrel Proof feeders' to know a lot aren't:)

Hope you've had a good day and you get a relaxing evening. Sue, Polly & Honey