Monday, March 30, 2015

Cape Lookout Lighthouse

This shot of Cape Lookout lighthouse was taken from the mainland. I'm *very* impressed with my 60x optical zoom! They're repainting the lighthouse. The day before this shot was taken this side that faces us on our island was totally white. Then this day they were almost done repainting the black diamonds. If you look closely on the right side of the lower diamond you can see one of the painters hanging off the side.


Sue said...

Fab shot.

Wouldn't want their job.

Hope you had a good day. Sue

Hazel said...

Is your 60 x optical zoom built in to the camera or is it a removable lens? My camera has a built in 42 x optical zoom. Good photo!

Kat said...

Hazel: it's a built-in lens...non-SLR camera, biggest zoom available on non-SLR. I love it! And thanks for keeping up with me and for your kind words!