Monday, October 13, 2014


I love fall. (And, actually spring...and summer...and winter....well, maybe not so much winter. I dislike being really cold and the short days. So, I'm going with no on winter. But I digress.)
 I like fall. I like it when the days are still not terribly short and it's not cold yet, but a tiny bit crisper. And I like the colors of fall.
 We went to Virginia a couple of weeks ago to spend some time with friends. We visited and relaxed; we spent some time just walking around the town. There's a beautiful cemetery that has a lot of civil war-era graves.

Tin roof...rusted! (My nod to the B-52's song...)

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Sue said...

Lovely photos. Must admit I like every season, bu don't like it wet, cold or icy:)

Hope you have a nice long Fall and mild winter.

Take care