Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Dog's Memory...

...and other things I wonder about.

Gwyn's behavior has gradually improved over the past few days and now she seems to be back to her normal self. She's not too fixated on what's going on outside. On our walk Tuesday morning she very much wanted to go off in a different direction--a farther walk than we normally go. She was spending a lot of time looking around. Which made me start wondering about how dogs' memories work.

I've read some (ridiculous) theories that dogs can only retain things for so brief a time that as soon as we leave their sight they've forgotten us. Leading to the equally ridiculous notion that that explains why they're always happy to see us. I don't subscribe to this notion. However, I also recognize that dogs are much better at living in the moment than we are...a feat I strive for so much that I have a bracelet that reminds me to do just that. So, where does that leave us? It leaves me wondering what was going on in Gwyn's brain as she was obsessively looking for the elusive black dog. Feel free to weigh in with theories of your own!

On a different note, we could discuss cats' brains! Note in the above picture that Xander is lying on a string. A boot lace, to be more precise. Those are Xander's current favorite toys. He carries them around the house and will lie on top of one and roll around making sweet little "play with me" noises. :D


Hazel said...

I like the idea that dogs have good memories, and that we can depend on their good memories, even though it may not be terribly easy to figure out what those memories are!

The dogs head on the cat's tail and the cat on the lace, is a very funny photo!

Sue said...

I am sure dogs remember very well. When you see a dog reunited with an owner after months and in some cases years of being lost, they recognise them.

Hope you have had a fab day and tomorrow is even better.