Sunday, July 20, 2014

Random Musings

Well, lately it's been hectic working on computer updates and other assorted, random life events. So here's a hodgepodge of stuff to show you what's going on.

Xander gets comfy supervising the hook-up of the newly refurbished audio-video receiver (he's a very good supervisor!):
 We recently ordered personalized memorial stones to place at the graves of our dearly departed pets...they're actually made out of resin. We were very pleased with the company's service. Here are my two boys in the back yard. The lighting was off but I'll show you pix from the front memorial garden soon. My sweet BIL & SIL found the hound glass stone...

 Our new welcome mat:
 Our new bench:
 Gwyn. Baking her brains out in the hot sand...she loves it!


Hazel said...

Gwyn, please remember that hot sand can cook your brain, and I want you to stay as wonderful as you are!

I like the stained glass memorial stone, and the resin stone with the names and dates. That's great!

Sue said...

Lovely memorial stones and I love the blue tile.

Hope Gwyn goes into the shade when it's very hot.

Well you have a good week ahead.

Kat said...

No worries ladies, Gwyn loves to do that, but she doesn't stay out for long! We keep a close eye on her. But it is funny, Phil never wanted to stay outside without me right there but Gwyn loves to be out by herself.

David Spence said...

Gwyn has a case of "road-kill possum mouth."