Saturday, July 5, 2014

Flowers Before the Storm

Well we've already gotten one hurricane under our belts for the season. Hopefully it'll be the *only* one we have right here this year! Arthur came ashore as a Category 2 pretty much right on top of us. We were very fortunate to not have any structural damage...just a lot of yard clean-up and power out. Our power's back parents' is not yet as they're at the end of the line! Hopefully by this evening it will be on. Still, all in all, we're quite blessed.

The horses fared just fine. They had two trees come down in the back pasture, but no injuries.

Here are some of my sweet yellow flowers taken pre-Arthur:


Hazel said...

So glad you survived, and that you have power back on. The flowers are so lovely and I can see that you are an artist!

Sue said...

So glad you are ok.

Lovely cheerful flowers.