Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I love ospreys. They're amazing birds. This past weekend I was helping walk part of the Neusiok Trail as part of a Backcountry Horsemen of the Croatan work day and was able to see a nesting pair. Here's the nest from a distance. It's in a fabulous tree and is quite the impressive nest!
Both "mom" and "dad" were wheeling around and fussing at us for walking too closely to their tree.
 While it's blocked by the tree, you can still get a sense of that impressive wing span:

For some cool facts (to include: they mate for life and both raise their young) see wikipedia's page:
on the Osprey


What Remains Now said...

Super pictures.

Sue said...

Beautiful birds.

Hazel said...

You're so lucky, not only did you get to see the ospreys, but you also
knew how much greatness you were seeing.