Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Zoomies

Gwyn is a diva. It's true. Don't get me wrong...she's a dog, she's a retired racer, and she's incredibly tough in some ways...but she's a diva. She was not particularly impressed with Leon, the Snowpocalypse. Our frozen precip' started out on Tuesday as sleet/frozen rain. It didn't turn to snow until during the night. I wasn't surprised that she only went out in the sleet to take care of business and immediately wanted back in. What I was surprised at was the reaction LoML got when he tried to take Gwyn out for her "walk" (to play in the snow) on Wednesday after it had stopped falling and Gwyn said "NO WAY!" I was still pulling on layers of clothes and grabbing the camera, and before I could get to the front door Gwyn was already back in?!? LoML said he got her off the front walkway just enough for her to take care of business and then she was dragging him back to the door to go back in! I think her feet were cold :D The most ridiculous part was that then, when I went out so LoML and I could walk around our yard and look at things and take snow pix, Gwyn was howling inside because she wanted to be with us. Sheesh.

 This is why you shouldn't be out driving around here in snowy, icy weather...too many bridges to cross...this was taken on Thursday afternoon after the melt-down had begun:
Eventually, Gwyn did deign to do one or two zoomies in the backyard:

..and just as fast, want back in!


Sue said...

Really don't blame Gwyn for not wanting to be out on the cold for long. I did here somewhere, maybe FB, but not sure of a dog that got ice burns on it's pads.

You all keep safe.

Hazel said...

Gwyn wants to go to Arizona for the winter!

Kat said...

Her & me both, Hazel!

What Remains Now said...

This weather is crazy! I let Freedom, Casper & Nikki out and then stand by the door so that they don't have to be out any longer than they have to be to take care of business. Bless their hearts...they've been so good about going out, no accidents in the house. All when the temperatures are in the negative. I'm ready for spring!