Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So, like many other places, coastal NC has been experiencing wacky weather this winter.
It's been rather like a rollercoaster...35 degree changes in 24 hours have not been unheard of. Today's another snow day...even though my area is mostly getting ice once again. I did leave the house this morning before it got too bad to take Gwyn to visit our vet friend and took Spike along for the ride since this is the vet friend we adopted him from. They had a pretty good time but were exhausted by the time we got home:

Fortunately, LoML was willing to serve as a bed. Good thing he knows his proper role as assistant cat staff!
And, again, what's the deal with naming snow systems now? Apparently this is the second year we've done it! Here are this year's names:
We're currently experiencing Pax. Really people?! Pax?!?! You do know that means "peace," right?!? 'Coz right now, with just ice and wind...it's not looking that peaceful! Maybe they meant it's peaceful if you stay in with blankets and kittehs and goggies...yeah, that must be it!
Lest Polly stop following my blog, here's some peace for you:

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Sue said...

Glad you were able to make it out, but sure does sound like the best place is indoors.

Polly says thanks for putting a photo up of Gwyn:)

You all take care.