Wednesday, February 5, 2014


My sneaky husband didn't tell me yesterday while we were on the phone that our new sofa arrived! He had to run out and wasn't home when I got home from work. I was on the phone with my friend, trying to get in the door, greet the fuzzballs, set my stuff down...and then nearly shrieked in my friend's ear when I turned around and saw this:
 When we got the new "big boy" recliners for ourselves at Christmas, we decided we needed to get a new couch. We liked that this one is bigger than a love seat, but shorter than a traditional sofa. It's made for apartments, etc. Liked the way this one felt, and fell in love with this fabric.
 It helps to have a furniture store in the family! :D We were just saying we wished it would come in before a friend arrives this weekend for a visit.

And then there's this:
(Sorry Polly! But there are greys on the medallions in the top picture!)


What Remains Now said...

It looks beautiful!

Sue said...

Loving the couch.

Polly's response was 'I did expect to see a photo of Gwyn on the new sofa, with a throw under her as she's a lady and wouldn't want to damage a new sofa'.:)

Hazel said...

As much as I like the new sofa, I like the cat picture more!