Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Playing in the Snow

The snow didn't melt much today...temps never got above freezing I don't think. But there were enough people out that the roads were (barely) passable...LoML knew I desperately wanted to smooch Solana so he took me over there in his 4-wheel-drive. Took this first shot at my parents':
 Solana coming up to greet us:
 She doesn't get to see her "daddy" as much as she does me and enjoyed snuffling him:


Sue said...

We are in a cold spell, but nothing like you are getting.

Glad Solana is keeping ok in those conditions.

You stay safe and warm.

Kat said...

Thanks! I know it's weird weather when my brother's place in the UK is warmer on my weather "favorites" than we are!

What Remains Now said...

Solana looks so pretty in her coat!