Thursday, January 16, 2014

For Mom

I was over at Mom & Dad's the other night and broke out the new cube for kicks & giggles. Truthfully, I didn't expect Trouble to be interested. He's older and I thought he'd be much too "mature" to be interested. I expected Princess to want to claim it, as well as the older one...that's getting a little smushed.
 Then, next thing I know, this is what happened:
 He was pretty smug about it too!
Do you see what happened?! But...but...I wanted to play in it!
Then I managed to engage them in play with their feather...

 Which was fun. But Trouble still wasn't giving up the cube! He was still in it when I left :D

(Apologies to Polly for yet another cat post. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't even look at me if I visited her now! But I promise that Gwyn will be sharing some new adventures soon!)


Sue said...

I don't tell Polly when I am reading your blog now, unless there are photos of Gwyn:)

That cube was definitely a hit then:)

What Remains Now said...

I have to get one of these cubes. They are the best kitty thing ever.