Thursday, December 12, 2013

Random Stuff

I'm sure many of you (my four or five readers) are as wacky-busy as I am this time of year...sorry to neglect my posting...not much time today, but I share with you a few random things...this is a sign I saw in a local business:
 This was the two white ones waiting for Gwyn and LoML to return from their walk...
Taken through the (dirty) glass of the french doors...this is what happens when Gwyn's zoomies are a bit crazy in the back yard...not sure this is how the collar is supposed to end up!
Mom will you put the camera down, let me in and fix my collar?!?


What Remains Now said...

Gwyn...You should be one proud Greyhound. You almost ran out of your collar. Now that's fast, girlfriend!

Hazel said...

I love the cats sitting and watching! I'm always amazed at a cats sense of symetrical.

Gwyn looks like she had great fun!

Sue said...

Love the saying:)

So cute the two cats waiting at the door.

Gwyn, That was close. That collar was nearly off and then you would have been naked;)