Tuesday, December 3, 2013

More Decorations

Thought I'd share a few more pix of the Christmas decorations around here. Didn't manage to get a great shot of it, but new this year is a beautiful lighted garland we bought at a local church bazaar...turns out we picked out the one made by my friend! It has seashells on it that have lights in them :D
Yesterday I showed you the picture of you-know-who under the tree...that shot was from the angle I first saw him...but, of course, I had to walk around and get a more complete set of pictures:
You can see Gwyn is exhausted from the supervising! She got an early present as PetSmart had their orthopedic beds 50% off on Black Friday and I couldn't resist getting her one.
He knows he's all that!
LoML decided he needed a bow.
We're going pretty low-key this year as I'm not willing to put up any breakable decorations!


What Remains Now said...

Beautiful. Gwyn looks like she's enjoying her new bed. I'm not doing any decorating this year. I'm not hosting any get-togethers and that puts my motivation to decorate to zero. I am enjoying others' decorating though.

Sue said...

Me thinks kitty has a cunning plan:)

Lovely decs.