Monday, December 23, 2013

Finally! The Remodel Update

Well, it's been quite a while since I told you I'd post more pix of the bathroom remodel, but here they are. It's almost done. There's still trim that needs to be painted and one more cool touch in the way of a shelving system that is on order.

I really love the vanity/mirror set we found. Very unique. The base offers a nice place for kittehs to play. (I mean, seriously...all our decorating choices really should be made with goggys and kittehs in mind!)

Better look at the whole bathroom from standing in the doorway...with a teaser-shot of the artwork, followed by close-up of the tile detail in the shower surround. He did a fabulous job!
And now, without further ado or fanfare...the piece de' resistance:
Hat tip to Mom for spotting this piece in a local was made for a local artist and couldn't be more perfect for this space! (In case I haven't mentioned it lately, while horseback riding is my 'thing,' surfing is LoML's.)


What Remains Now said...


Sue said...

Lovely. Now it's done, when an I come and stay? :)

Hazel said...

Really beautiful and unique. It doesn't have that"cookie cutter luxury" that I see on TV all the time. It's much better!

Kat said...

Thanks, y'all! Sue: you can come any time you want! Polly too :D