Friday, November 22, 2013

Spike take-over

Like he's not getting enough time on the blog already! (I do promise to get back to Gwyn and dogs soon! Really!!) This was Willow on my lap and Spike getting ready to go after her tail:
And, like all kittens, he's sleeps well!

And here's sweet Willow:
Back to sleeping (growing) kitten:
Did I share this one before? This one was taken by Spike's "auntie" back when she was taking care of him, having saved him from anti-freeze poisoning. She'd woken up and "lost"'s sometimes tough to find him since he falls asleep in small, different places and what with being deaf you can't call him and have him respond. Anyway, this is where she found him:


What Remains Now said...

So cute. I think Willow deserves some type of special reward.

Sue said...

Too cute.