Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Critter Shots

A common sight in my household:
 That's little Spike paws coming out from under the door...Yes, for those uninitiated few in the audience, we have cat-doors in the interior doors in our house. Our cats are 100% indoor cats...but over the years various hounds have led us to want to keep them out of certain rooms...and, in case you didn't know, cats REFUSE to be kept out of rooms. It's an interesting quirk that a cat can be perfectly content never going into a particular room....UNTIL YOU SHUT THE DOOR! Then it becomes IMPERATIVE that they go into that room IMMEDIATELY - IF NOT SOONER! Hence the cat doors.

They also make for fun playing, as shown above. The other thing to note in the picture is the blue you see through the cat door. That's Spike's play cube. He gets in it and rolls around in it and frequently manages to wedge it up against the door.
Trick Photography
Is Xander, a/k/a The Orange Menace, really as big as a greyhound...or is it an optical illusion? You decide!


Pepper Cory said...

Love reading your posts, especially when I'm away from home. Spike's coming along. And yep, it's not an optical illusion: Xander really is as big as Gwen...at least his tail!

What Remains Now said...

Many a time I've seen paws like that coming under the door. Usually when I'm in the bathroom. LOVE that picture of Xander and Gwyn. That one may go viral.

Sue said...

Bet Gwyn is happy Xander isn't really that big:)

Hazel said...

My cat never wants to go outside, but if she sees the door close, then she tries to figure out how to open it! The cat/door conundrum!