Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Close-Up Photography

There's an amazing mushroom that's growing right beside our steps in the backyard and I couldn't resist taking some close-ups of it.

And, because Sue was right in that I have neglected Gwyn on here lately what with the kittehs doing so many photogenic antics:
Trail of cookies


What Remains Now said...

I am impressed with both the mushroom and the trail of cookies. Cookies barely make it out of my hand around here.

Sue said...

Are you sure that's a mushroom? Don't eat it unless you are 100% sure.

At last a photo of beautiful Gwyn:)

Kat said...

No worries, Sue. We don't eat any mushrooms except for ones we buy in the store! But it was fun to photograph this one.

The whole cookie thing is weird. Sometimes Gwyn snarfs them down immediately...other times she 'saves' them. She'll leave them spread out and ignore them, but then get very upset if anyone else comes near them.