Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kitteh Sleepiness

Sorry I've been delinquent for a few days...we went out of town for the weekend (rested up and caught up with some dear friends) and also work has been particularly wide-open. For today's entertainment I share some pix of kitteh sleepy poses. You'll recall that I've always maintained that Xander sleeps well. He still does. But so does so Spike!

They're pose-able when they're little!
Willow isn't sleeping just yet, but she's divalicious nonetheless!


Sue said...

So cute, for a pesky cat. Had to type that, as Polly was looking over my shoulder:) LOL

What Remains Now said...

That picture of Spike with his legs pulled out is squealing cute! Always good to see Willow too. Xander and Spike's antics are always hilarious, but Willow has that mature kitteh beauty and grace.

Hazel said...

No creature looks so very relaxed more than a kitten!