Friday, September 13, 2013

Plagiarism, Copyright Infringement, and General Thievery

So my brother and his family recently took a trip to Scotland...I'm still jealous! He sent a disc of some pix...lots of fabulous shots...I have shamelessly appropriated these two shots to share with you this morning because I was particularly drawn to them and wish I'd been there to take them myself! And, no, I didn't talk to him about it first. Hopefully he doesn't mind....Sometimes it's just easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! :D


Sue said...

Both lovely photos. I do like the Celtic Cross.

What Remains Now said...

One dream, to visit the British Isles.

I was touched by your comment about coming to my reception. So glad you didn't do it though. It would probably be just you and me sitting in a room with a box of cookies (ha). We can do better when we finally meet up.