Thursday, August 29, 2013

Aussie Stock Saddle

I think I told you about my new Aussie stock saddle (?)...I *love* it! I'd never ridden in one before, but loved the idea of the cross between features of English and of Western. And let's face it, generations of Aussie cowboys riding all day across the outback can't be wrong!
I took this series the other evening after a ride, when we stopped for a drink at the water tank...I'm still mounted...Solana kept yawning and I was trying to get various angles on it with my cell phone...

I think this one's really sweet...she's checking out my leg:
Funky lighting shot:


Sue said...

Bet it is very comfortable.

What Remains Now said...

That's a blog post I would find interesting...information/history on the different types of saddles.