Friday, July 5, 2013

Toy Thief

This is the face of a thief! A toy thief! She may look innocent...guileless, in fact....but looks can be deceiving.
On a recent trip into PetSmart I saw a stuffed toy turtle that I just "had" to buy for my girlfriend's dog, Abby. My friend recently moved to Iowa for a number of months and I thought it would be nice for a 'care package.' But I hadn't made it to the post office yet. Silly me had dropped the toy into a bag that contained some of my crafting supplies. While getting ready for work, I suddenly heard a very enthusiastic squeaking coming from the living room. What's this? It doesn't sound like the fox (Gwyn's previously-favorite toy!)! Sure enough, the sneakyhound had *very* *quietly* stuck her sneakysnout into my bag and removed the toy! (My fault for leaving said bag on the floor by the couch...) She was having so much fun, I couldn't deny she'd already slobbered on it. (Gwyn would like me to note here that greyhounds are regal animals and NEVER slobber!) At any rate, I did have to take it away for about 18 seconds so that I could remove the tags before returning it to her....that's what the top picture is...her expression waiting for me to return it.

Gwyn likes turtles! ;D (Maybe not as much as Buster, but that's a story for another day.)
I'm tired from playing, but I'm not gonna' let Turtle go!

This was actually taken before I could get away to take the tags off.

Truth in Advertising
It was entrapment!!!!



What Remains Now said...

Hilarious! Well done, Gwyn! I have learned that Greyhounds do check your bags and that anything"fuzzy" can be "mistaken" for a toy. Looks like Gwyn earned that little turtle with her enthusiasm.

Sue said...

Well Gwyn I can't blame you taking the toy. Your mum should have bought two and given one to you. I can tell you are so neglected:) LOL

Hazel said...

A dog's joy over a toy is a beautiful sight!