Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fruit Run

Under the category of Gwyndiculousness, allow me to share one of Gwyn's favorite summer games: playing with pears! We have a pear tree in the back yard. We've never actually eaten any of the pairs from it....but Gwyn has. :D She discovered this game last year. The first time she did it, I had to Google to make sure that pears weren't toxic for dogs! They make wonderful can do zoomies around the yard with them, and then lie down and eat them at the end!

 I know that some of the pears that have become hound toys have fallen off the tree prematurely, but I have a strong suspicion that some of them have had a little help!


What Remains Now said...

So sweet! That first picture looks like she's saying, "Look! a pear!" Appears that they're fun to lick too.

Hazel said...

Can you train my dogs to make a toy of the pinyon pine cones here in New Mexico? Then I wouldn't have to rake them!

Sue said...

Hope the pears don't give Gwyn an upset tummy.