Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Year Old!

Today is Xander's birthday! At least, that's what we've decided. You know, with a rescue baby at some point you just have to declare a day to be their day :D And today is his. He's come a long way from being a tiny, sick, underweight little guy that a concerned citizen who found him didn't think would make it. He's now gone from being behind the *way* ahead of it! He now weighs roughly 13 pounds! The days of formula and kitten chow are over.
This is what he was up to today:

Quite a bit different from this little guy:



What Remains Now said...

Happy Birthday, Xander! Gosh, it seems like he's always been with us. This post made me laugh outloud. The picture of him "chawing" on the arm of your chair...classic. Even as an "at risk" baby, you can see that Xander personality. What a gift he is to all of us. Thank you for sharing him.

Sue said...

Happy birthday Xander.

Can't believe that is the same cat:)

Kat's sis said...

Happy birthday Xander! (The chair is evil and must be subdued!)