Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keeping the Watch

I've been explaining about the canine/feline homeland security system. But it has come to my attention that there are occasions where neither hound nor feline are available to keep the watch. Apparently on such rare occasions it is acceptable to turn to a fox substitute.
This is Gwyn's beloved fox toy (which looks suspiciously like Xander when it's sprawled on the floor). We did not stage this shot. Most days when I return to the house I check the sliding glass door to see who's keeping watch. This is exactly what I found the other day :D


Sue said...

Polly has a fox like that. it has a squeaker in it's tail and head (head one came out).

Hazel said...

It could not have been better if planned!

What Remains Now said...

It's like that scene in The Patriot where they have the British soldiers held prisoner and they're really scarecrows dressed in British uniforms. Well done, Gwyn, Xander & Willow. A decoy will do in a pinch.