Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Like Turtles!

Yesterday evening I got the chance to see a turtle release!
Our local aquarium had three sea turtles that had been rehabilitated and were ready to be released.
I wasn't the only one who came to ranger estimated 1500 people came to see.
It was nicely done...aquarium staff (with special assistance from a few lucky kids) carried the turtles around for everyone to get a look at before their release.

The first to be released was a youngster that had been at the aquarium since hatching...despite concerns that he (or she? I never heard) wouldn't know what to didn't take long...

The other two had only been at the aquarium since April. They had gotten "cold-shocked" when the water temperature dropped too abruptly causing them disorientation and inability to take care of themselves. After a few months of pampering they were ready to go!

Well, actually, one of them wasn't quite ready to go...but after a bit of prompting dove under the breakers and was gone.


Sue said...

So glad the turtles got released. They are lovely creatures.

What Remains Now said...

How cool and great pictures! I love that they get kids involved.