Monday, June 3, 2013

Garden Update

I promised to at least try to do better this year keeping you updated on the garden. These pix were from about a week to ten days ago.

The corn is starting to come up nicely's even higher now.
We have lettuce that needs to be eaten. Ready for those summer salads :D

No ripe tomatoes yet, but soon...we have "regular" size, romas, and cherry tomatoes.

The sugar-snap peas are going like gangbusters and we've eaten them twice for supper already!

This is the first year we've tried corn...It sure looks lovely and little ears are starting to form.

This little kitty guards the railing.


What Remains Now said...

Definitely can tell you are south of us. Our rule for corn, "Knee-high by the 4th of July."

Sue said...

What a fab veg plot. My dad use to have two allotments when I was younger. You can't beat home grown food.