Friday, June 28, 2013

Best Toy Ever! (part the second)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Kong Extreme Flyer is the *best* (outside) toy ever! At least in Gwyn's not-so-humble opinion! And, no, I'm not receiving anything from Kong..they don't even know I said this. I've mentioned that Gwyn's first Kong Flyer was given to her when I took her for her first photo shoot with the wonderful Joe Frazz. It lasted over a year, but I had bought a back-up knowing the day would come...
This is what they look like out of the box:
This is what they look like after a year + of heavy-duty workout. To be fair to Kong, there were times I left it out in the elements...and when it did finally start cracking and tearing away I got the rubber bits that pulled off and took it away so we wouldn't have Gwyn swallowing rubber!

 It leads to great interactive fun, like this:
I've got this, Mom, let 'er rip!

This last one was caught using a super-fast shutter speed...while there's only brief periods of time her view is completely obstructed like this, I sincerely hope she doesn't plow face first into something one of these days!!!


What Remains Now said...

I think it's so interesting how some pups love to chase and fetch things and others don't. Our first Greyhound loved to fetch; Freedom, Casper and Nikki don't even look at me if I throw something. Way to go, Gwyn. Looks like a great toy and a good way to exercise.

Sue said...

Polly hasn't really got into playing in the garden. she just loves doing zoomies. She will play with toys here and has a small soft ball she tosses about. Dad has various balls and flying toys, but so far she's not interested.