Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baby Birds

We have a section of the fence around our back yard that is covered by climbing roses. Unfortunately it had also been overtaken by unwanted vines too. We recently had a fellow help LoML thin it out some and this is what he found:
That's a mommy Brown Thrasher Her nest was totally hidden before we thinned it out and she was not happy with us for exposing it more. Fortunately she hasn't abandoned her babies and they still have a fair amount of cover.
I believe there are two babies in there...they don't look like much at this point!

See? When you step back you don't really notice it unless you know where it is.
Mom keeping watch:
By the way, I really like that all about birds website that there's a link for above. It's a good place to get basic info and I like that you can also listen to the different bird calls.


What Remains Now said...

Very cool. It will be fun to watch the babies.

Kat's sis said...

Nice photos - and thanks for the link, that site looks great!

Sue said...

Fab photos. Glad the mother bird didn't leave the nest. Dad has a blackbird nesting up under the cover of his side gate.