Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zoomies and Color Boost

I love that my Brit' hound friend refers to the wild running around of her hound as "zoomies." Perfect description! Thanks to the sport continuous mode on my Nikon I am able to capture some great shots with one hand and throw the Kong Frisbee with the other (admittedly not the best throws...but they rarely are!).


Built for speed and ready to launch!
 Generally speaking, about the only editing I do of my shots before posting is to crop extraneous background out and to reduce the file size for ease of uploading. I know there's great software out there for amazing editing, but I'm fundamentally lazy (shocking, but true) and would rather get a good shot to start with and not spend a lot of time (time that I'm woefully lacking) messing with fine-tuning on the computer. However this weekend I did start playing with the "color boost" setting on my Nikon software. I was impressed. These are the exact same shots as above except for that one change. Pretty cool, eh? It actually looks like we have lush grass in our backyard. I'm thinking that's way easier than actually planting new grass :D

My latest favorite shot

Here's a few more examples...without color boost:

...and with:


What Remains Now said...

Really cool. I'm with you...this is way easier than taking care of the grass (I hate yardwork). Gwyn really loves her frisbee! So cute.

Sue said...

Fab shots of Gwyn.