Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Reunion

Last week Mo had to go to our state's vet school for two separate eye surgeries. He's battled eye problems for years; hopefully now he will be able to get this behind him. The girls managed okay while he was gone, but were relieved to see him when he returned home.

Solana is greeting him with what I refer to as the baby mouth. Young horses will do this greeting to older horses as a submissive sign..." please don't beat me up, I'm just a little baby!" Solana still uses this with other horses sometimes. I think it's very cute.


Sue said...

I remember that "baby mouth":) I use to help out at a Connemara pony stud and the foals were often doing it.

Hope the ops have done the trick and Mo recoversd completely.

What Remains Now said...

How sweet! I learn so much from your Solana posts. Hope Mo is doing well.