Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Trouble

Remember this?

This is a picture I posted in September 2011. It's Mom & Dad's two cats as they were then...the little one was only about 3 months old so she's obviously bigger now. The bigger one is Trouble...their big guy. But he wasn't always the course of going through old pix for the baby horse nostalgia series I came across some baby pix of Trouble. See, his mom belonged to our next-door neighbor. After she had her kittens, she decided to move them under our they got bigger they took over the deck:
Pile o' kittens...that's Trouble sprawled on his side :D
Here's Mom exhausted & trying to catch a nap
Little Trouble the adventurer...we called him "Fatty"

Hope you enjoy this moment of nostalgia, Mom!


What Remains Now said...

What sweet pictures! How does Trouble sleep like that?...hung over the deck rail!

Kat's sis said...

Great pics! So glad to see them again. Amazing how his personality showed through right from the start.

Sue said...

Just adorable. Love the one of the mom on the fence:)