Friday, March 8, 2013

The Reds

Whilst cleaning up in my office recently, I came across some photos I'd forgotten I had. Still haven't located the digital files, but took pictures of the prints to show you. Yesterday I told you about Solana's sire and dam. Today I show you what a consistent breeding pair they were together. Below I give you Ernest Expression, (Notteea)--Solana's dam; Canela Solana, BTSF (Solana); her older sister Dama Rosa BTSF (Rosie); her younger brother Rico Domingo BTSF (formerly known as Rico).

From left to right: Rico, Notteea, Solana, Rosie. You can see how similar they look. Many was the time that Solana and Rosie were pastured together that it was all but impossible to tell them apart from a distance! Solana is the only one in the bunch with no socks :D Notteea has two rear socks and the other siblings each got one rear sock. Here's a couple more shots of various groupings of the reds:


What Remains Now said...

Boy, are you right. On a side note...I'm a sucker for socks. We had a little black Greyhound in our group with 4 white socks. It was the closest I've ever come to adding a fourth Greyhound. THANK GOODNESS, I didn't, but those socks almost got me.

Sue said...

Beautiful horses.