Monday, March 18, 2013

Old(er) New Kid on the Block

There's another horse at the barn now. That was the plan all along, but there was no rush as it was important to find the right horse to fit in...enter Dixie, a 22 year-old Thoroughbred cross. She, Mo, and Solana were all together before. While their current stable was being completed, they had all boarded together nearby. Dixie had remained at that place when we moved Mo & Solana to their new home. For various reasons it now makes sense for Dixie to come on board as well.

It's been a smooth transition. Herd dynamics can be a funny thing. It's been unusual as Solana is still getting limited turn-out (though increasing times...we're hopeful it won't be terribly long before she's off "restriction"!). Mo wasn't initially sure what to do with two mares! He seemed to have this theory that he should keep them apart...perhaps so they wouldn't compare notes and plot a coup?
Dixie hadn't been around me in a while and wasn't sure what I was up to with my camera slung from my hip...but she was game to check it out.


Sue said...

Glad the three friends are back together. Bet Mo will soon get the hang of keeping both girls happy;)

What Remains Now said...

I love learning about the horses. My time around horses has been minimal, so all the things you talk about are new to me...and very interesting.