Monday, March 4, 2013

Night Shots

I've been spending lots of hours at the barn after work this winter. Having grown up in the woods around here I'm pretty comfortable outside at night anyway. It can be so peaceful. As Solana is beginning to be reintroduced to pasture again there's been extra time for me to just hang out and watch horses...even after dark. Naturally, I've started experimenting with what kinds of shots my camera can get in the dark :D Some aren't all that good, but I'm having fun playing around.

I do particularly like this last shot of the moon through the branches.
Soon I'll go back to some baby horse nostalgia and fill you in a bit more on the breed history of Andalusians and Aztecas.


What Remains Now said...

Very cool. I have always been curious about night photography.

Sue said...

You are brave to be out at night. Fab photos.

Kat said...

It's not really about brave,'s so peaceful out there! Yeah, I've wondered about the night shots before...and these were just monkeying around without doing too many major adjustments :D