Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More on Sleeping

 There's a lot of art that goes into sleeping around here. There's sleeping with babies, as above. There's nestling in, as below.


  There's always cuteness involved!
I have a super-cute video of Xander's faucet-drinking habits...unfortunately, I have spent the past two days trying various browsers to get it to upload to no avail. I've had issues before...occasionally blogger can be snarky about it...but never to this extent! I didn't want you to think I'd totally abandoned you, so figured I'd better throw this post your way. Will eventually prevail!


What Remains Now said...

My husband and I spend a huge amount of time talking about and laughing over the art of sleeping in this house.

Sue said...

Lovely photos.

Polly has one of those foxes)