Friday, March 15, 2013

Crafting with Cats

Maybe I'll teach a course on this. I have blogging/internet friends who are very gifted with various crafts. Some of them make beautiful cards. I am not yet (if ever I will be!) as talented in that regard, but I can tell you something about crafting with cats. It's an art. Oh, yes indeed! You see, there's a fine art to putting together a couple of cards for friends using stickers, stamps and glue and NOT gluing a certain someone's tail in said project. Even when said someone is "helping." A lot.
Here are the beginnings of some cards I made...I shot these before I added some personal notes. Because, well, they were personal!

This also involved using those fun scissors that cut funky patterns into paper. Somecat had to help with the little slivers of paper.
Here's the start of another card I made...note the paw...somecat was always nearby.
A wee gift I sent one of the recipients of the cards...a matted print of a picture I took last year:
I had a lot of fun doing this....even especially with all the help :D Soon I'll show you some more cards I've been working on with new 'toys'! Have a greyt day!


Sue said...

Glad you have a little helper:)

Cards are lovely and that photo is beautiful.

What Remains Now said...

Xander is going to LOVE your new hobby! Kitties always want to be so helpful when there are small bits about, and he'll love laying on everything too. That is one of the cutest pictures of Xander!