Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bridge Update

So, no posting yesterday as I spent most of the day doing tech-related things as LoML and I have finally joined the 21st century by going to smart phones! As much as I love my tech gadgets, we had been tied in to a contract with a cellular company that wanted too much money per month to add any kind of data package. Our contract expired and we decided to go with a no-contract service that has a low monthly rate for unlimited everything. For our birthdays (both celebrate this month) we got each other smart phones. They're Android phones and I spent a lot of time updating each of our Google contacts so I won't have to do that again!

I told you a while back that the bridge leading to our island has been one-lane since August. While it's been frustrating to have to wait extra time at the light, it's also allowed for some really nice pix. These are two of the many I've taken...straight out of the camera, just rolled the window down and shot out the passenger side!


What Remains Now said...

I still don't use a cell phone on a regular basis. I have a TracFone in my purse for emergencies. Eventually, I'll get around to it, but am putting it off until I have to. Probably when I start doing art fairs I'll want one because I'll want to use it for credit card transactions. Once I get one, I know I'll get totally into it.

Sue said...

Fab photo.

I have a good old fashioned landline and a mobile that doesn't have anything other than phone and text capabilities:) Rarely use it, but it is good to carry around in case of emergencies.