Sunday, February 24, 2013

Courtesy Car

A few weeks ago my vehicle had to be in the shop for several days (long story, but the local dealership got it all straightened out)...while it was there, they gave me a courtesy car. It was the new Buick Verano. Mind you, I already drive a Buick that has awesome features, but I confess this one had even newer bells & whistles that I had fun playing with. The video screen information center was wild and could even show me the extended weather forecast and what was playing at the local movie theatres with the touch of a couple of buttons!

But I'm easily amused, and probably what tickled me the most was the "switchblade" key:

On an unrelated note: I mentioned Tim McGraw's latest release the other day. Here are the lyrics to my favorite of the new songs:
Number 37405
Oh, he listens to the countdown, every Sunday morning
From a cold solitary prison cell
And the music from his radio is like freedom down a dirt toad
Makes that eight by ten a brighter hill

Before he started doing all the hard time that he's doing
He was singing in them honky-tonks and dives
He dreamed of being somebody, now he's number 37405

Well she used to come and see him, every other weekend
And bring him all the news from way back home
It's been two birthdays since he's kissed her,
Five seconds since he's missed her
Now the perfume on those letters ain't that strong

He's got too much time to think about the night he had too much to drink
And all his buddies, they begged him not to drive
Mr. Life of the Party, he's now number 37405

Old judge on the bench said, "Son, your crime's got consequences."
It's what he told him, fifteen years ago
He took a life and that's a fact, he'd give his own to give it back
Today's the day he finally gets parole

He turns in them prison clothes, and stands there at the forkin' road
And mama prays and waits while he decides
And the angels close their eyes...

Listens to the birds sing on a perfect autumn morning
Just down the road, rings an old church bell

Just reading the lyrics doesn't completely get you there...but still....he does some really nice things with the music....I was really blown away the first time I listened to it and got to the line "and the angels close their eyes..." - the music drifts into some nice harmonics...and then after the last line you hear the church bell and the song sort of winds down a bit...very touching.

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What Remains Now said...

I love bells & whistles, but I'm always years behind. Now I'm going to have to check out the CD.