Sunday, January 13, 2013

Words Fail

What do you do when you fancy yourself a writer and words fail you? Well, in my defense, this is what caused it:
 I was in the back of the house downloading and editing pix for another post when LoML called me and said "bring the camera!"
 This is what I found.
Is it me, or is Xander almost as big as Gwyn? In case you're wondering, that is Christmas wrapping paper they're lying on. Xander had so much fun playing in it, that he's been allowed to keep a small pile on the floor in the living room :D
 These two are some kind of smitten with each other! Just when you think the cuteness factor can't go any higher.
 Uh-oh. He's rolling over...
 What is he doing???
Mom! He's touching me! (Like she doesn't love it.) Let's take a closer look at those expressions:
 Wait a he riding me?!
Seriously?! (Incidentally, LoML made a wonderful suggestion for editing this picture that I may have to try...will keep you posted.)
 And then, inevitably...
And, yes, Gwyn's tongue is out! 
LoML came up with a new word for this whole situation...he wasn't flabbergasted, he was "Xandergasted!"


What Remains Now said...

This is both sweet and hilarious. I agree with LoML...if you PhotoShop the one of Xander riding Gwyn, you may have an internet sensation. Truly, this is so sweet how those two get on with each other.

Sue said...

So cute.

Just love to see the proof that Greyhounds can indeed live with cats.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Hahah! Those pictures are so cute! Especially the 'is he riding me?' one!!

Love Gwen. Like a cross between my brindle and white Jim, and ticked white with a black kissy spot Susan!